We don’t just make sounds,
we make movies.


From conception and throughout pre-production, there is a lot to think about in terms of sound. Through various collaborative meetings, discussions and readings, we work with you to be prepared. This results in the best possible support for your story and ensures professional quality.

The supervising sound editor ensures that a well rounded team is put together. The supervisor also organises a flexible and collaborative workflow throughout the development of the project. We have great experience and talent when it comes to organizing and orchestrating large projects that can span over many countries and time.

While we always offer individual services, our clients appreciate the confidence we offer with sound supervision. We are your complete sound solution for location and post production sound. Ahead of the game with state-of-the-art software and hardware workflows, we strive to break new ground on every project and work with you to deliver the best possible experience for our audiences.

Location Recording

Capturing clean multitrack recordings on set is extremely important! You can depend on us to create and protect your original sound tracks during production. We will collaborate with you and the rest of the grew from pre-production through the post audio. A much more collaborative and supportive workflow than the typical “post audio hand off”

We use only industry standard, high quality tools to provide great results. Our production sound is custom tailored to your film’s specific needs (includes, but is not limited to, multitrack timecode recorder, wireless/radio microphones, boom microphones, Comteks, mobile soundbag or soundkarts.) Our experienced team of Sound Mixer, Boom Operator & Sound Utility Technician are professional and have the skills and experience to operate our equipment with excellent results. Friendly and eager to collaborate we will be glad to join the crew and be a part of the team!

We work closely and collaborate with all departments on the set to ensure your project the best sonic results and avoid problems in order to preserve performances and minimize the need for dialogue replacement. As always, we offer flexible and competitive rates to ensure that your project can benefit from quality on set dialogue and production effects coverage.

Loved working with Matt, Alekxandra and Virgile on the project “You Arrive” this year. Very pro, talented and fun people to work with.”

- Ezra Soiferman, Producer/Director, Perpetuum Productions

Field Recording

We are always capturing high quality sound effects for our original SFX library. Often, films require a very specific sound or sound material to support the story. We factor this into each project on a case by case basis. Our team will allocate a certain amount of time and budget to record these custom sound effects. This could be recording a special automobile or explosion on set, recording horses out in a country field, foreign ambiences or maybe special underwater recordings. The possibilities are endless and we are here to provide these special sounds to support your story and provide the best possible entertainment value to our audiences.

We are deeply connected with other sound designers and recordists worldwide. This way, if travel or time is not available, we will get in touch with individuals who can help collaborate with us and ensure the special authentic sound is captured and your vision is realized.

In addition, we are venturing into new territory and will be selling our own independent sound effects libraries! We have been collecting and building some very special niche sound banks that will soon become commercially available for other sound editors to enjoy.

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