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we make movies.

Supervising Sound Editor

Building a film’s soundtracks is a massive undertaking.

The Supervising Sound Editor ensures that everything works throughout this process.

After several meetings and script readings and a full understanding of the film’s specific needs, we will organize, source the crew, schedule, plan and execute.

Using state of the art workflows and technology, the project’s sound supervisor will ensure that the sonic vision is realized to its fullest and meet the deadline.

Dialogue Editing

Dialogue editing is one of the first steps to take place in the workflow. This extremely important part of film making is often referred to as “the invisible art”.

When the picture and sound are handed off the dialogue editor takes the tracks in order to organize and arrange them.

We organize and select the best possible microphone for each moment of the film.

If replacements are needed, we listen through alternate takes to find the best recordings in efforts to preserve the performance and avoid as much ADR as possible.

The dialogue editor will remove unwanted production sounds, such as dolly squeaks and crew noises and add fades to smooth out edits.

A proper dialogue edit and organized dialogue session is a necessity before the film is mixed and more so when a foreign language dub or “M&E” is required.

We have the experience, knowledge and care to handle all your dialogue editing needs.

ADR, Voiceovers and Post-Synchro

ADR or Looping is dialogue or voice recorded “sync to picture” after the film is shot or animated. It provides an extra opportunity to change and improve upon performances, script and story.

Our isolated dialogue or voice recording room offers a professional and comfortable environment for recording dialogue or narration sync to picture.

Our integrated ProTools CUE (SyncroBand/RubanSyncro) sync system allows the talent to focus on their performance.

We use industry standard microphones such as Sennheiser, Neumann, Sanken, AKG, Oktava, Rode and record directly to the most recent Pro Tools for MAC systems.

Sound Design

Our growing original sound effects library offers a massive collection of sounds.

We source, collect and manipulate sound elements to bring entertaining and fulfilling sonic support to your story.

With extensive experience manipulating high quality original recordings, stock library effects, and a group of strong collaborators we ensure that we can create and realize the sonic emotion and originality needed for each project.

When the situation permits, we prefer to source and create original sounds for each project. In addition we offer in-house Foley where our Foley Artists can create and manipulate any sound for any situation. That said, we have a vast soundbank of pre-recorded Foley sounds as an extra available tool.


We put the “Artist” in “Foley Artist”. We offer real, Full Foley in-house for your films. Offering Basic Foley packages through Full Foley for Foreign M&E versions.

There is no substitute for sounds performed by a Foley Artist in real-time with the picture. On screen movements and actions are properly supported and handle every nuance of the film.

Because we record our own Foley we have a vast soundbank of pre-recorded Foley sounds as an extra available tool.

I must say, the Foley throughout the film is stunning. It’s precise and graceful, genuine to each moment and evocative of the entire film. Great work, thank you!”

- Kim Garland, Writer/Director, New York, City Kid Films


In our calibrated surround mixing theatre we take all of the audio elements and put them together in their respective spaces.

The sound mixer cleans and removes unwanted noise and ensures smooth intelligibility across the film. Working with the director, we balance all of the elements and select and emphasize the sonic focus for each moment. We then re-record all of the sound elements into one master “print” (the PRINTMASTER)

With experience mixing for every medium, we can provide all of the delivery elements required, be it preparation for Theatrical, Festival release, DVD, TV Broadcast, Internet, Mobile device etc.

We provide deliverables in formats such as: Stereo, Dolby ProLogic II (LtRt), 5.1 Discrete Surround, 7.1 Discrete Surround, Dolby Digital

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