The Gift Of Sound Difference

For nearly a decade, Matt and his team have been helping films like yours through careful evaluation, planning and execution.
The Long Haul

Complete Package

From conception to distribution, we care for your soundtrack through every phase of production and post. From your script, we help highlight important sound elements and further develop your vision in post. We provide deliverables to meet all demands and support your soundtrack for the life of the film.

We don’t just make Sounds…

We Make Movies.

As passionate filmmakers, we are committed to the craft of story-telling. As sound professionals, we are your guide: augmenting and supporting your vision through a thoughtful and creative sound edit and mix. Our ultimate goal is simple: Telling a great story.

Reasonable Pricing

A Sound Investment

Poor sound distracts; quality sound complements. Investing in your soundtrack allows your film to succeed. Understanding and flexible, we work with productions of every size and budget. Ask about the custom packages we can offer your film to give it the professional sound treatment it deserves!

Anywhere on the Globe

Long-Distance Magic

Whether you are in London or L.A., New York or Toronto, we have you covered. With clients all over the world, we have developed and tested long-distance workflows and provide secure links to works in progress at all times. If you wish to sit in for the Final Mix, we offer accommodations on-site.

Part of the Team

Collaborative Effort

Having built lasting relationships and collaborative workflows, we will put together a team of stellar talent. Like the film itself, a good soundtrack requires many skilled individuals. We collaborate with award-winning sound editors, mixers and composers, in order to take your film to the next level.

Green Living

Zen Comfort

Well situated on the tranquil Riviere-des-Prairies in Montréal-Nord, with both private and ample free parking. Enjoy a walk along the river or a little afternoon fishing during an ear-break. Take a moment to soak up the creative energy in our tropical lounge or out on the private terrace.